With the onset of autumn is forbidden to ride a segveyah in Prague 1 and Prague 2.

18071610Since then, like the Czech citizens have become very popular segways, the owners of the vehicles encountered a lot of problems.

It would seem that the danger can bring Segway when riding them can not only adult citizens, but also teenagers without any entitlement to travel on this type of transport. But, given the fact that Segways are quite a lot of weight and at the same time accelerated to a decent speed, in the case of a collision with a pedestrian, people received serious injuries, which they seek treatment.

It was at the request of the residents of Carlsbad spring of this year began to operate a ban on driving on segveyah in the central part of the city, where there is a large number of people. But in Prague, fans of this sport can still enjoy such trips before the fall, because as of September come into force a law banning segveyah to ride in the center of Prague 1 and Prague 2. It is possible that very soon will fall under the ban another district of the Czech capital, because, the question of banning the ride on segveyah in Prague 7.

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