What to Do If You Can not Forget Her?

Many men face a problem when, after a difficult and painful break in their relationship with a girl or even their wife, they can not find a new love.

Sometimes this process can last for weeks, but for some it drags on for months or years.

Definitely, to remain alone is a wrong way out of the situation. Nevertheless, as soon as a new acquaintance appears, the man immediately compares it with his ex-girlfriend and finds hundreds of reasons why the new relationship will be worse. It is noteworthy that even if in reality this is not the case, from a psychological point of view it will seem to him that the new girl is not so beautiful or intelligent, it is not as interesting with her as with the former one.

What to do? Family psychologists say that in order to forget the old love, you need to try to exclude all reminders about it – photos, videos, access to pages in social networks, phone number and so on. You can try to change the situation, move to live away from her place of residence and be sure to seek a new relationship. In this case, a very good option are online dating sites, through which you can start a virtual communication with a girl and take your mind off your past relationship.