What Should We Know About the Intestinal Microflora?

In advertising on TV, we are often told that it is important to maintain a normal intestinal microflora and for this it is recommended to drink various yogurts or tablets.

But few of us know what is the intestinal microflora and what important function does it perform in our body?

In fact, this is indeed a very important and integral component of the normal development of our health.

Since the main organ for food processing is the gastrointestinal tract, it is quite obvious that the general state of the organism and well-being largely depend on its normal functioning. The concept of microflora includes a huge number of very different microorganisms and bacteria that participate in the process of digestion and the distribution of nutrients throughout the body.

When the optimal balance of beneficial bacteria and viruses is preserved in the stomach, the body works normally. But as soon as there are dangerous bacteria in it, there is an imbalance that leads to disruption of the entire system of our body. That is why, maintaining normal microflora is really very important for the longevity of the human body.