What Products Will Help Win Flu

3011166In the cold season, flu is more likely, as this viral infection transmitted by droplets, can be caught in any place where there is a large concentration of people.

Especially the virus feels good in enclosed spaces, so, during the epidemic is best to use a dressing that protects the respiratory system.

Important role played by the immune system, which in recent years have people dropping out of the food. Some entrepreneurs engaged in the cultivation of red fish, added to the feed antibiotics, so it does not hurt, and since they are not derived from fish meat, naturally fall into our body that gets used to them.

During this time, it is best to include in the diet of dairy products, fruits and vegetables, meat and fish boiled. As for sweets, such as cakes, candy, sweet carbonated water, juices from the package, then it is better to exclude. Instead, these products use honey, dried fruits, dark chocolate, but in moderation.