What if I’m alone at age 30?

Unfortunately, loneliness does not have a limitation period.

Becoming a lonely person can practically at any age – in childhood, in adolescence or even in old age.

In 18-20 years, loneliness is perceived as a temporary difficulty, which you can handle at any moment. But when you are 30 years old, the situation becomes much more complicated. Because of the lack of free time and constant employment at work, you do not have time to find new acquaintances. Moreover, the familiar home comfort and the zone of your comfort are already formed, so the appearance of a new woman in them causes dislike or rejection. But in fact, you need to try to overcome yourself.

If there is no time to search for a new relationship in real life, try to get to know the online dating sites first. You must be more patient and open your heart to new emotions. Believe me, even at 30 you can become happy, if necessary.

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