What Cottage Cheese is Most Useful

3011161At all times, milk products was one of the main food products, and it is not in vain, because it, in addition to calcium contains a number of nutrients that contribute to ensure the normal operation of the whole organism.

Many people prefer to buy milk, cottage cheese and sour cream on the market, because they find their natural products without preservatives, are added industries to increase shelf life. However, we do not know the conditions under which the product was prepared and adhered to if all the conditions, relevant health standards.

In addition, in recent years in urban markets, in spite of the ban, the milk is usually sold in plastic bottles which have already been used. Such a product is strictly prohibited to buy, because it may contain harmful substances.
As for the cheese, the experts point out that it does not meet many criteria, one of which is the percentage of fat.

This is due to the fact that many parts of the face, the milk through the separator is distilled to obtain a high quality cream that is in demand among buyers. But curd is obtained after this treatment and dry, due to the absence of fat does not have the taste.