What are the characteristics of human nature the most sought after by the Poles

2902166That’s how people that everyone has his own character, and almost all have as its positive features and drawbacks.

In order to find out what are the characteristic qualities in people most appreciated at the beginning of December last year, a survey of the population was carried out in Poland, through which managed to find out what is in the first place.

As it turned out, most people’s opinion that the most important thing is honesty, in any case, so say more than half of Polish citizens, and it is not surprising, because the only honest person can achieve self respect, knowing that it is impossible to blame in a lie. Second place was given to justice, for which voted, nearly forty percent of Poles, which, incidentally, also plays a small role in a person’s life. But with regard to trust and respect, that these two qualities supported by little more than twenty percent of the people living on the territory of Poland. The last place was the wisdom, since this quality chose only ten percent of the people who participated in this study.

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