Victoria Beckham made in NY Metro

1409161Despite the fact that the NY Daily is a huge amount of various celebrities, they are very difficult to meet in real life.

For example, very few people can see the show-business stars and famous fashion designer in the usual subway or public transport. However, even in this case, sometimes there are exceptions.

For example, a few days ago, passengers subway station in Manhattan in New York City could see an amazing picture: right near the entrance to which she danced Victoria Beckham. As it turns out, the wife of a famous football player did it for a reason, and as part of its new promotional campaign. It was such an original way known fashion designer and singer has decided to present a new collection of Victoria Beckham Spring-Summer 2017.

Naturally, this caused a great stir among others. All passengers and passers-by stopped and filmed as a 42 year-old former singer of Spice Girls in the style of the dance went near the metro in a white shirt and black trousers.