Ukrainian singer Dasha Astafieva arguing with subscribers

0203162One of the sexiest Ukrainian singers, sexy Dasha Astafieva from the group «Nikita» was in the center of the scandal a few days ago.

The fact that the fans of the singer have been actively discussing her figure and say that she gained extra weight. Fuel to the fire added comments most Dasha, who said that he considers himself fully.

From that moment the whole army of subscribers singer split into two camps – the first saying that she has a perfect shape and it does not need to lose weight, while others call it a thick and recommend going on a diet.

It should be noted that the scandalous Dasha Astafieva quite original answers to any criticism. For example, after the last scandal, she just posted on the network their bare breasts and signed photo. In the signature, she said that will now upload photos dedicated to Hayter. In particular, she said that she was sorry for those people who spend their time and energy on something to write various offensive positions in Instagram for her photographs.