The soloist of the Ukrainian group “NIKITA” pleased fans candid photos

The soloist of the Ukrainian group "NIKITA" pleased fans candid photosIn Ukraine, there is a female musical group called “NIKITA”.

One of the soloists of the group, a charming girl named Julia Brichkovskaya recently published a rather candid photos, which pleased their fans. Note that this is not the first erotic photo that publishes this singer in his Instagram.

In particular, the new photo captured his girl gorgeous bare belly, and the most “interesting place” closed charming bouquet of roses. Hashtag in the caption to the photo hints at the fact that this morning delivered a bouquet to her and she decided to show it to your followers.

Recall that the team “NIKITA” is one of the most outspoken and controversial in the Ukrainian show business. Girl standing on stage in a very sexy costume, who have focused on their merits and virtues.

Moreover, this musical group recently paparazzi photographed on performance at corporate parties. The most interesting thing that the girls were topless. Oh, these hot Ukrainian girls!