The reasons for the absence of female orgasm

Sex is a pleasure for both partners. We know about this from movies, from erotic book novels and some stereotypes.

Unfortunately, the reality is not so perfect. According to official statistics of British sociologists, more than 86% of women very rarely have an orgasm, and almost 60% never reached the highest point of enjoyment during sex. Moreover, in men this statistic is very different, because only 11% of men have problems with ejaculation.

The question arises: what is the reason for the absence of female orgasm? After years of research it was possible to find out several important reasons that affect female sexual arousal:

1. The duration of sexual intercourse;
2. The level of female libido;
3. Prelude before sex;
4. The size of the penis partner.

It is at the last point that we would like to make the most important accent. Disputes over the degree of importance of penis size in sex have existed for a very long time. Many doctors tell us that this is an absolutely unimportant moment and that for a woman it is more important how a man kisses her and stimulates erogenous zones. But it’s true?

How does it happen in real life?

In reality, almost any woman dreams of having sex with a man who will have a big penis. This creates for her an additional psychological mood and increases sexual libido.

But even if you look at this question from the point of view of physiology, then here the guys with the big penis win. To get a vaginal orgasm female body needs a good stimulation of the vaginal walls. To do this can only a large and hard penis.

What if you were not rewarded by nature? You do not need to get upset, because today the solution to this problem is very fast and effective. Thanks to the use of special gels and creams with phytohormones, you can change the shape or size of the penis without surgery. This is an absolutely unique opportunity, which became available only a few years ago. Thanks to such a convenient system, each of you has a real chance to change your sex life once and for all! Why penis enlargement cream is the best solution? There are several reasons for this:

– First, you keep your health;
– Secondly, you can get rid of problems in sex at home;
– Third, it is better than surgery or swallowing chemical pills;
– Fourthly, the results of the increase will last for life.

By the way, today there are a lot of such creams on sale. In our previous publications we did reviews on these products and so you can read about them right now.

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