The Prague airport air quality is determined by the bees

0208168The fact that honey is one of the most valuable products, known to many.

Also, it is well known that in addition to honey, which is unlimited shelf life, bees can get a very useful product propolis, used for preparation of many medicines. But it turned out that by using these industrious insects can determine the air quality. Such verification airspace held in one of the airports of Prague.

Analysis carried out honey and pollen in special laboratory conditions to determine the amount of heavy metals contained in these products. The analyzes of bee pollen and honey were made within two months of May and June as a result of which it became aware that these products can be used even for children, as they fully comply with the standards that are set for their food. Currently, the airport is located six bee apiaries, the inhabitants of which annually bring more than 100 kilograms of natural, delicious honey. All the products are packed in small banks, which is not available for sale, and is in use by beekeepers.