The Italian managed to get compensation from the authorities for the Catalan line of the eye

0902169As it became known, a man who lost an eye, having been wounded by a rubber bullet fired by one of the police of Catalonia, was able to obtain from the authorities of that country’s financial compensation, which amounts to two hundred thousand euros.

An accident with an Italian citizen happened five years ago, at a time when Barcelona was held the FIFA World Cup.

Hundreds of police officers tried to reason with the fans celebrated the victory of their team, which was used guns with rubber bullets, one of which fell into the eyes of an Italian citizen, who at that time held by the Spanish Square. After the Catalan authorities have provided him the money, he refused further investigation of the case and took the suit out of court, who served previously.

Two years later, a similar incident occurred with a resident of Spain, who also was wounded by a rubber bullet, lost eyes, for which she was paid for damage, but in a larger size, it was the sum of two hundred and sixty thousand euros. After all these events, two thousand fourteenth year in the country have banned the use of weapons with rubber bullets.