The first clad Playboy Cover

06-02-16The legendary men’s magazine Playboy has decided to radically change the image.

A few days ago I went on sale first in the whole long history of the number of the journal issue in which the cover was not a nude model.

In recent months, information about the change of the vector activity log quite actively developed in many media. The main reason is a record decline in sales and popularity of Playboy, which is observed in recent years. According to the edition of the handbook, now in the age of Internet people have less time to give prints. At the same time, nude female body are now available in large numbers on the Internet, so no one wants to spend the money by buying the magazine.

That is why, at the Playboy decided to abandon the printing of nude photos. For the first time in its history in the print issue of the magazine came out, the cover of which was a girl in a dress. March became the cover of Sarah McDaniel.