The effects of chronic stress

510151Stress faced by many. Someone struggling with it, and someone who lives with him and not paying attention to him. Miami Dolphins Jerseys Just not everyone Magazine knows that stress is harmful to human health. And those people who do not fight it, can undermine your health. Very bad for health if the stress will become chronic. The Biosciences consequences can Sell be very dangerous.
1. To Increase wholesale jerseys the pressure.
2. Stroke, heart attacks.
3. Reduced immunity.
4. Depression, neurosis.
5. Poor sleep.
6. Obesity.
7. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
8. Skin diseases.
9. Autoimmune diseases.
10. The rapid onset of old age.

Knowing what terrible consequences may cause stress, people will start to What deal with it. There are lots of ways that you can deal with this unpleasant phenomenon. cheap NBA jerseys This may be.
1. Deep breathing.
2. Walking in the fresh air.
3. Sporting activities.
4. Body massage, head and self-massage.
5. Aromatherapy.
6. Water treatments.
7. Drawing.
8. Cleaning of the apartment and that all the household chores.
9. Dancing.
10. wholesale Cleveland Browns jerseys Sweets (this advice is for those who are struggling with being overweight).
11. The use of green tea.

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