The daughter of Johnny Depp seen with boyfriend

2503161In recent months, the majority of the world’s tabloids were full of headlines about the daughter of Johnny Depp named Lily-Rose has a sexual orientation.

Fuel to the fire poured and the girl herself, which is constantly in an interview stated that it still could not decide who she likes – boys or girls. Those, however, it seems that Lily-Rose is still able to decide for themselves and stopped the choice on guys. At least now she is constantly seen in the company of the young handsome guys Ash Stimest. Ash is the counterpart girls for modeling business, and judging by their gentle hugs and kisses, not just a couple of bind friendships.

The first time they were seen together even at the end of last year. But now Lily-Rose and Ash stopped to hide their relationship and do not hesitate to show them on the camera lens.

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