Sporkovsky palace located in the center of Prague, will now take beer lovers

30061612Sporkovsky Palace, which is located on one of the central streets of Prague, after the recent renovation, is now taking beer lovers, as, in this building, will house the largest in the Czech Republic Brasserie.

The building, which will house this public house, rent brewery Lobkowicz, whose main office will be located in the same building. Restaurant halls are designed for service five hundred customers who will be able to enjoy an excellent quality beer taste different varieties, as well as enjoy traditional cuisine.

Despite the fact that now designers are engaged in interior decoration of the restaurant, its name is still a secret, because the company does not want to give any information about it. We only know that to manage a restaurant, which occupies an area of three thousand square meters, thus, considered to be one of the biggest in the Czech Republic, will be the private partner of the firm. The leading place in the number of customers placing, still holds local brewery U Fleku, which, given the visitors a summer terrace can cater for one million two hundred people at a time.

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