Slender legs Beyonc? excited the fans

0206162The fact that the singer Beyonc? fine figure – has long been known.

However, RnB queen every time emphasizes its appearance, wearing clothes that do not hide her lovely waist or legs. At 34, the singer looks so great, that can give odds to many more young fashion model.

In particular, a few days ago, Beyonce performed a concert in Chicago. During the presentation of the new show, the singer appeared on stage in a very revealing outfits. In addition to your favorite body, Beyonc? wore very stylish boots with stockings that are completely laid bare the singer’s legs.

Fans of her work immediately emphasized the beautiful figure of the girl and had stopped her Instagram page in various enthusiastic comments. Note that one of these days in the media leaked information that Beyonce and Jay Z are on the verge of divorce. Nevertheless, the couple has denied these rumors and even recorded an album together.