Sex on the First Date – For and Against

Sex on a first date is the most discussed topic in many women’s forums.

In this case, the opinions of users are divided into two categories – some say that having sex with a man you learned only a few hours ago is unsafe and even immoral.

Others are of the opinion that if a spark of desire has run between you and a man and you have felt an irresistible sexual desire, you do not need to restrain it. Who is right? In fact, sex on a first date is quite common. Most men want to get a woman into bed as soon as possible, but if they get it – the attitude to this woman is radically changing.

The psychology of men is created in such a way that they must constantly seek a woman and see in her some mystery. If she agreed to sex after a 2-hour dinner in a restaurant, for them, such a woman becomes vulgar and depraved, so longer than before the next morning, they do not plan to stay with her. Girls, know your own worth and do not let men get you on the first date.