Selena Gomez was removed from new boyfriend

2116-1Not yet subsided hype about separation of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber as the singer has already managed to catch with a new boyfriend.

After the unexpected parting with Justin Bieber, famous singer Selena Gomez is virtually no comment on the situation and refused to be interviewed. However, media interest in their rupture and of the actress is constantly increasing. Many even began to suspect that parting with Bieber – this is another PR. Yet, recently the situation has become a little clearer.

Barely a couple of weeks, Selena Gomez photographed by paparazzi with her new boyfriend at the exit of the hotel in Beverly Hills. Couple holding hands and his whole appearance showed that they share something more than just friendship. As it became known, the singer’s new lover was a young boy named Samuel Krost. He is the sales manager and runs a boutique in the fashionable accessories for men Oni. Despite the rather ordinary post, a very successful guy worker who even managed to amass a small fortune.