Selena Gomez gained extra weight

Selena Gomez gained extra weightStars has become very difficult to hide from the fans drawbacks.

In particular, the desire to put a photo next to the network from their personal life, often turns to show business troubles. Once again witnessed such a situation was the famous singer Selena Gomez. Determined to show their fans dignity of the figure in a black bathing suit instead of likes the roof caved in on her accusations by fans. The main complaint was that the singer is seriously corrected. All subscribers will greatly upset the singer to see their idol in such bad shape, and advised her to go on a diet or do fitness.

It is noteworthy that the very Selena quite calmly reacted to this criticism, and wrote that she likes and does not currently going to somehow change. As for the fans, they are afraid that if Gomez and then continue to gain weight, it will very soon become ugly and uninteresting woman, and no one will lose their popularity.

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