Secrets of Healthy Sleep There

It turns out the secrets of a good grade of sleep for people over 50 years there.

So, scientists have created their recommendations, which will help people to have a good rest at night.

Firstly, it is important to keep your feet warm, so it is necessary to introduce a mandatory ritual – Dress socks before you go to bed. Be sure to remove all the animals from the room, which can interfere with sleep. Moreover, it is not just cats and dogs that may jump on the bed and wake the hosts, and hamsters, birds which, although sitting in cages, but make noise.

Eating should be no later than three hours before bedtime, plus, in the later time it is not necessary to discuss vital topics with loved ones, it can lead to quarrels, emotional upset, which also affect the quality of a night’s rest.

In addition, in the last hours before bedtime should not play into the computer, spending time for tablets. And, of course, help to relaxing bath, it should also take a few hours before bedtime. If possible, you should install in a bathroom is not white or blue light, soft orange, which has a wonderful calming effect. Healthy sleep, according to experts, is not only important for good mental health. If a person gets enough sleep and nothing disturbs him at night, it will be easier to control your weight, give up smoking.