Secrets of beauty and harmony Taisiya Povaliy

710151Taisiya Povaliy in 54 years, manages to look amazing. Her beauty is admired not only men but also women. Her tight tour schedule, but the singer is always neat and tidy. It is an extremely beautiful woman. We expand its women’s secrets.

The secret – it’s a good heredity. Whatever you modern cosmetics are not used, of does not give the same effect as the genes.

The beauty of a woman is still dependent on men, which surrounds it. Women who love always looks amazing.

Morning is best to start with sports. Only the exercise should be light, not exhausting.

Povalii relates to hair with particular trepidation. Before each wash the head, it makes a hydrating mask.

Skin singer no less meticulous care. From the soap she had long refused (this will  prevent the skin from drying out) and actively use moisturizer.

Povalii often makes beauty treatments with natural herbs. It often wraps and masks.

With regard to food, from time to time the singer sits on a diet.

Povalii not against plastic surgery. In this matter, the main thing is not to lose his head. To them, she resorted more than once.

Today Taisiya Povaliy beautiful and successful woman. It was with her, and should take an example to all women of Ukraine.

Sometimes You Can Let It Relax

Despite the fact that Taisiya Povaliy is very strict about her diet, sometimes she still encourages herself with various goodies. The Ukrainian singer explains it quite simply: “If you maintain a proper diet every day, then why not afford some tasty things. For example, a small portion of chocolate can be an excellent antidepressant and help me get rid of hunger. Most importantly, always control and keep the norm.”

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