Secrets of beauty and harmony of Christina Orbakaite

2402161Christina Orbakaite – famous singer, actress and daughter of Alla Pugacheva.

Orbakaite now 44 years old, but it is difficult to give more than 30. Do not forget that she is a mother of three children, and she still looks great. We learn of her beauty secrets.

2402161-2Sport. The singer does not imagine his life without exercise. It deals with almost everything: Weight Training, bicycle, swimming, boxing dynamic, stretching, cardio, pilates, yoga, dancing.

Meals should be balanced. Eat need a lot of vegetables, fruit and, of course, do not forget to drink plenty of water. With the help of the body’s toxins. Always a few times a month should arrange fasting days.

Cosmetics. Preference should be given to well-known brands. You can not use the funds of unknown firms. It could cause irreparable harm to the health of the skin. The best thing in this matter will help to understand a professional cosmetologist.

A visit to the beauty salon. To professional cosmetologists need to walk at least 2 times a week. In this case – the most important thing is to determine your skin type and choose the correct procedures.

Hair. Hair of stars most likely to suffer from aggressive chemicals. To maintain healthy hair, you need to regularly cut the ends of hair and make masks oil several times a week. For these purposes, it is best to choose coconut oil. Even necessarily in hair conditioner you want to add a few drops of jojoba oil. The oil moisturizes the hair perfectly, and they will be less split.

Makeup. The singer does not like to apply makeup, so use it only on the stage. According to her, without applying cosmetics she looks younger.

Nails. Every woman should keep track of your nails. They should be well-groomed and neat. It is not necessary to increase the nails, it is not fashionable and not relevant.

2402161-3Sleep. If you get a free moment, the singer always lay down to rest.

Recreation. After a hard day or a long tour it is necessary to relax. The best remedy – a warm bath with sea salt.

Style. If previously the singer preferred jeans and overalls, now in her wardrobe over elegant dresses and costumes that emphasize her femininity. Her favorite color – black. He emphasize its elegance. With regard to daily life, then it is worn more than just practical. In everyday life, it can not be seen on the heel, because, in her own opinion, she does not know how to wear them.

Lovely woman, love and respect yourself. Try to think positively. That positive attitude makes women more attractive and desirable.

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