Scandalous Russian ballerina topless swim in the ocean

1201162Famous Russian ballerina and socialite Anastasia Volochkova constantly shocking his fans a variety of candid photos in your Instagram.

For example, now the girl has a rest in the Maldives and daily to its followers puts a huge amount of erotic photographs, where she captured in a very narrow bikini and holding a ballet clothes. However, a recent photo of Anastasia generally beat all records of candor. In particular, Volochkova has posted pictures in which she bathes in the ocean totally naked.

Since no one on the beach except it was not, Volochkova smeslo bared their breasts and topless bathing in the ocean. From clothes to Russian ballerina was only a very narrow thong that barely covered the intimate zone. Naturally, these photos are of great excitement among the fans, so almost every post is gaining thousands of likes.