Sasha Grey was 28 years old

140320163Famous actress adult film Sasha Grey today celebrating his birthday.

Despite the fact that she received world fame by shooting in erotic films, in fact, it is quite versatile developed personality. That’s why we decided to tell you about those aspects of the life of Sasha Grey, who had not been previously known to you.

For example, few people know that Sasha Grey writes books. Under her authorship published already two books, which are published in small editions and become highly sought after. In addition, the former actress has been active in various organizations that advocate for gender equality of people.

Sasha often appear in advertisements and very much loved pets, so helping them to the extent possible. And this is not all kinds of interests and activities of the actress, which have nothing to do with her previous work.

We want to congratulate Sasha with her Birthday and wish happiness and success in all your endeavors!