Sandra Bullock has revealed some of the secrets of its active youth

Sandra Bullock has revealed some of the secrets of its active youthOne of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, Sandra Bullock has recently pleased their fans pretty interesting and candid interview in which he spoke about those adventures that had been in her childhood. As it turned out, Sandra was not always so quiet and family woman who used to see her. It turns out that it all their youth led a very active life, due to which the once nearly went to prison.

According to 51-year-old actress in her youth, she allowed herself very crazy antics that almost cost her freedom. Moreover, Bullock admitted that she really mature and responsible, she began to feel just about 5 years ago. At the same time, the star still says that she sometimes has some reckless actions, because age can not completely change a person.

Sandra Bullock also told journalists about that in her luxurious mansion is still a collection of many different things that remind her of the teens. For example, it keeps the shape of a cheerleader who was at the time in school. Moreover, she said that so loves this form after death wants to be buried in this dress.

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