Salma Hayek showed her breasts with stretch marks

Salma Hayek showed her breasts with stretch marksAt the annual awards ceremony Film London Evening Standard Theatre Awards, the famous Hollywood actress Salma Hayek wore a dress with a very frank neckline that bared her breasts with stretch marks.

The audience at the event was shocked so intimate attire, the more that could be seen on the chest clearly age-related changes. Many tend to think that such an act 49-year-old actress has decided to demonstrate that it does not hesitate to change their age and does not want to fight them with the help of plastic surgery.Salma Hayek showed her breasts with stretch marks

Recall that Salma Hayek in interviews repeatedly supported the position of the other age actress Monica Bellucci, who always maintains the natural feminine beauty and shy that her 51 years. That is why many fans of Salma commented on the outfit as a challenge to the whole of society, in order to prove that a woman’s beauty can be natural and it does not need to lie down on the operating table.

Despite the apparent stretching, fans appreciated and positively shape the actress spoke about her appearance.

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