Russian singer showed natural beauty

05031626Russian singer Nyusha ulterior motive is one of the most beautiful representatives of show business.

She has millions of fans who admire it every day new photos on social networks, and watch videos on YouTube. But we all know that often the beauty of the stars – is the result of many hours of work of different stylists and makeup artists. Modern facilities can achieve such a result, even the most commonplace appearance transformed beyond recognition.

However, it seems this is not about Nyusha. The singer has decided to once again prove that she is beautiful not only on stage, but in life. In particular, recently posted a Nyusha Instagram photo, which appeared without makeup. Cute pet photo, which captured the girl herself with a spoon in his mouth during dinner very quickly gained a lot of comments. Most subscribers say that Nyusha really beautiful girl and to highlight its beauty, it is absolutely unnecessary to use cosmetics or make-up artist services.