Russian singer Anita Tsoi told how she lost 45 kg

1801161Famous Russian singer Anita Tsoi told about how once her husband forced her to lose weight at 45 kg.

Anita and Sergey have been married for 25 years. She married in 19 years of age. In an interview on his family life, Anita admitted that once the marriage was on the verge of divorce. The reason is quite banal: the overweight.

Several years ago, Anita Tsoi very overweight. At the same time the girl herself says that at that time did not understand this, and it seemed to her that she was perfect. However, once the question to her husband about their appearance, she received a shocking response. Her husband told her: “Look at yourself in the mirror! You run itself and I have no desire to see you. “In the end, Anita says that she is so upset that she firmly decided to lose weight. Diligent sports and active diet allowed her to quickly lose 45 kg and put himself in perfect shape.