Russian ballerina told how to deal with a hangover

Russian ballerina told how to deal with a hangoverIn Russia, even ballerinas know good recipes on how best to treat a hangover after celebrating the New Year.

In particular, the well-known former ballet dancer and now a socialite and model Anastasia Volochkova told her fans that she recommended to restore the health of the next day after the holidays, if you have touched alcohol.

As it turned out, a prescription treatment is quite simple: after a stormy booze is best the next morning to go to the fitness center and sauna. That is how it is going to arrive January 1, when will all celebrate the New Year.

We note that the Russian ballerina has repeatedly been seen in various scandals and provocations. Enough to see its official account on Instagram (@volochkova_art) and you will find a wealth of candid photos, which Anastasia demonstrates the beauty and charm of the Russian soul and body.

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