Russian actress starred in the David Copperfield show

1801163The famous Russian actress Christina Asmus, who is the wife of the popular Russian comedian and resident Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov, recently became a member of the show of David Copperfield.

In particular, the 29-year-old actress, who became known in Russia for his role in the series “Interns”, visited the great show of David Copperfield in Las Vegas, and even took part in one of his shows.

This is Christina told its subscribers in Instagram. In addition, she has posted a series of photos showing her with himself David Copperfield. The actress said that she really enjoyed the show illusionist and performance, during which he invited her on stage to take part in one of the foci.

“It was cool! …. Be sure to visit the show in Vegas David Copperfield” – enthusiastically Kristina Asmus wrote about his adventures.