Russian actress starred in a candid photoshoot

05031628The well-known Russian actress Yekaterina Klimova at home is considered one of the most beautiful and sexy.

Her role in the movie always very passionate and outspoken, so her already entrenched image of luxury and sexual woman. It is worth noting that this does not prevent it from being a good wife and mother of 4 children. The youngest daughter of the actress recently turned only 5 months. However, Catherine is already looking great, even despite the fact that she had recently had childbirth. That is what she has shown her fans when she starred in a rather candid photoshoot.

As can be seen in the photo are the actress in a swimsuit while relaxing in this of the Turkish baths. At the same time, despite the recent birth, the girls just perfect figure, and stylish and original tattoo on his leg only complements the image of a passionate actress. Not surprisingly, this image very quickly gathered a huge number of likes among its followers.