Right-drink Beverages in the Morning

3011167From that morning what would be the menu, depends not only mood but also health.

Waking up in the morning, many people prefer to start it with a cup of coffee, hoping that this drink will give a cheer and tone after sleep.

However, scientists have long been proven that it is strictly forbidden to do, because the caffeine irritates the stomach wall, causing the can appear diseases such as gastritis and even ulcers. If you are an avid fan of coffee, you can drink it half an hour after lunch.

Best drink on an empty stomach – it is water, but in any case not aerated and not too cold. The greater the effect will be if it squeeze out a little bit of lemon juice, then it is desirable to eat a teaspoon of honey.

On an empty stomach is not recommended to drink juices, including orange, which is full of advertising on television. Fruit acid, which is found in oranges, also adversely affects the mucosa as coffee, however, is better to use the juice after a meal, and for breakfast or better cook buckwheat porridge.