Pet and Little Baby

Many families who do not yet have children often breed domestic animals – a dog, a cat, a decorative bird, and so on.

A domestic pet is an excellent opportunity to learn to care for someone and feel a certain responsibility for his health.

But suddenly a miracle happens and a baby appears in the family. Young parents have a question – what to do with the animal?

Is it possible to keep a dog in the house if a newborn has appeared? In fact, there is no unequivocal opinion. Doctors say that animals are a source of positive energy and their presence in the house improves the overall microclimate. But we must not forget that a dog or cat has a predisposition to infecting worms, and also allocate allergenic shreds of wool.

That’s why, when you try to unite under one roof an animal and a child, you must understand all the risks that your baby is exposed to. Sometimes it makes sense to give the pet to friends or parents, at least for a while, while the child raises his immune system and then returns it back.