Penthouse ceases to produce a printed version

1901161In recent years, many of the popular men’s magazines are experiencing a serious crisis.

Recently we wrote about the fact that PlayBoy was forced to abandon the printed version because sales have fallen, and the other day made a similar statement in another prestigious men’s magazine Penthouse. In particular, FriendFinder Networks, which owns the rights to the magazine, said that made the decision to discontinue the printed version of his magazine. Recall that the first issue of Penthouse was released 50 years ago. The magazine was originally published in the UK, and later he began to sell in the United States.

The main reason for this decision – to change the way media content consumption. Today, the bulk of the audience prefers to read magazines online. For this reason, the printed version of the publication has become disastrously losing sales volumes, and therefore of it has been decided to completely abandon.

Recall that the magazine was sold in 1965. At the peak of its popularity Penthous monthly circulation reached a record 5 million copies. However, in recent years, sales have decreased so much that produce a printed version of the publication was simply unprofitable.