Paris Hilton moves to live in Switzerland

Socialite Paris Hilton has recently announced that it intends in the near future to move to Switzerland.

Moreover, the blonde star in the plans for citizenship of this country. In such a desperate step Hilton decided to often be with her boyfriend. Recall that at the moment of Paris Hilton has a relationship with a Swiss millionaire and businessman Thomas Gross. For this reason, the American star photographers often begin to notice in Switzerland.

Also, in a recent interview she admitted that she is very Switzerland she likes and what she would like to stay mad to live in this country. At the moment, Paris has a visa-level D, which enables long-term stay on the territory of this country. However, this Hilton is not enough – it has declared that it intends to acquire citizenship and become a Swiss.

Recall that Paris Hilton and Thomas Gross, have been together for more than 8 months. She even managed to introduce the new has a boyfriend with her parents, and she said, well received by the Thomas family in the family and they loved.

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