Paris Hilton back to bite the bullet

Paris Hilton back to bite the bulletThe most famous blonde and socialite Paris Hilton continues to get into unusual situations.

Press only stopped to discuss the controversial video in which Paris played with the fall of the aircraft, as the girl was again in the spotlight. In this case, the reason was quite simple – blonde just got stuck in the elevator.

It is noteworthy that the girl was not in the elevator alone, and with a crowd of other people of Asian appearance. At the same time, they were rather quiet and reserved, but Paris Hilton was seriously scared. And if at first blonde perceived it as a joke, then after a few minutes spent stuck in the elevator, she started to panic much, but in the end even started screaming that she did not have enough air, and she gasps.

Luckily, a lifter pretty quickly opened the cab stuck elevator, and then all the passengers were released safely. The very same Paris thanked the master, and said that he literally saved her life.

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