Optimal Time for Hiking in the Shower?

We all take a shower every day, because we want to keep our body clean and prevent the spread of an unpleasant smell.

However, disputes over the most successful period of time, when it is best to do this, still go on. Some are advised to do this in the morning to cheer up and wake up faster.

Other experts advise taking a shower before going to bed to wash away the sweat from the body that accumulated over the whole day. Recently, Harvard University staff published quite interesting research results.

After the experiments it was found out that the optimal hours of shower reception depend on your lifestyle and individual characteristics. For example, if you suffer from insomnia or you can not often stop thinking about some events in your life, then an evening shower will suit you.

But for people who have an intellectual profession, the morning shower is much more useful. It helps to activate the brain faster and adjust it to solve all kinds of problems.