On the territory of Prague Castle, 9 and 10 July will be held the festival “Great knightly celebration”

11071610All the inhabitants of Prague and tourists who choose to visit this wonderful city, this weekend can participate in the festival “Great knightly celebration“, which will be held at the Prague Castle.

Anyone who wants to become a participant of this event, waiting for an entertainment program, which is designed not only for the adult generation, but also for children.

Having come to this festival, it seems that you were in medieval times, is so identical to the atmosphere reigning around. Here you can see how the fighters are fighting with swords, but the most interesting is a tournament in which knights, riding horses, will fight with swords. Such jousting tournaments will be shown several times during the two days set aside for the festival.

All visitors wishing to take a walk in the knights’ camp, the opportunity presents itself, as well as measure and armor and carefully consider the instrument of those times. Children who come to the festival with their parents, will be able to visit a specially equipped room, where they will learn to shoot a bow and a pen to write. Schedule Festival from eleven o’clock in the afternoon until six in the evening, at the same time, the ticket price for children, eighty crowns, and for adults are twice as expensive.

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