Nutrition – 75% Success in Losing Weight

Many girls who start the process of losing weight, often complain about the lack of good results.

It seems that they exactly follow all the recommendations of the coach in the gym, but the excess weight continues to remain unchanged. What is the reason? Most likely, the reason lies in the wrong diet. Any professional trainer will confirm that about 75% of the success in the fat burning process depends on your daily diet.

Correctly selected diet should have a balanced set of all necessary nutrients and limit the amount of calories entering the body. If you think that giving up completely food for 1-2 days can lose weight – you are wrong.

This method has a low efficiency and provokes a stressful state of the body. Once you start eating, the body will be urgently stocked with calories and this will further increase your weight. The correct diet should be developed by a professional specialist, taking into account all your needs and body characteristics. Only then can we hope for a positive result.