Night bell ringing will stop in Girona

1102201610According to the Spanish news agency, since the beginning of this year, the bells, which are established in one of the cathedrals in Girona, will cease to commit changes by the battle of the bells.

In particular, the restriction will only operate on the nighttime, since the large quantity of complaints from owners of hotels, which are located in the city center. First, the hotel owner approached with such a request to the church employee who is responsible for the management of the building, but his request was denied.

In many instances there were complaints from the owners of the hotel, but nowhere else he could not get a positive response to them, and only the head of state could help solve this problem by deciding to abolish the night ringing bells. As he tried to resist the Chapter of this decree, it did not happen and the Magi holiday, which is celebrated by all the Spanish people, they were able to hear the bells of the night for the last time. By the way, many people in this city, as were against the abolition of the time beating the night bells, because they believe that this is a long tradition that should not be broken.

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