Natalie Portman is skeptical about the criticism and compliments

200116-2The famous French actress Natalie Portman, who gained worldwide popularity after the movie “Leon”, and received the “Oscar” for her role as a ballerina in the film “Black Swan” gave an interview after years of silence.

Note that on the set of “Black Swan” she met her future husband, choreographer Benjamin Milped. After the premiere of the film actress she got married and had a baby, so the last two years has not starred in a movie, and dealt directly with the family.

Answering journalists ‘questions Portman said that she was a child in films, so rather calmly responds to journalists’ attention to her person. The actress admitted that she always quite skeptical about the various filth who write about it in the newspapers and the media. However, excessive praise and compliments and Natalie left indifferent because, as she said, she is well aware that all this is just a manifestation of popularity. Also, the actress admitted that she understands that once the media interest in her person disappears, and thus disappear and muck, and compliments.