More than 700 localities in Poland do not have access to the Internet

27071613Nowadays it is difficult to imagine that just recently, we got along without mobile communication and the Internet, through which, for a few seconds, you can find answers to any questions.

In addition, online carried a lot of useful services, which enables to perform payment transactions, as well as the purchase of various goods and much more. But, as it turned out, unfortunately, people do not all localities can use the Internet. For example, in Poland, there are more than 700 places where there is still no such link. Basically, it’s a small village, inhabited by no more than 100 people, and all what they can to take advantage of this mobile communications. Also, there are about 4,500 residential areas where residents can not use the Internet because access to it is restricted to staff of institutions to which it is brought.

And this is despite the fact that only in the past year the number of objects, equipped with Internet access increased by 30%. Many Polish citizens hope that the Internet will be in their homes under the terms that have been established six years ago by the European Union.

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