Miley Cyrus became the cover of Elle

1409167Miley Cyrus has become a major player in the new issue of Elle magazine popular.

Apart from the fact that the singer was on the cover of the magazine, in its pages posted a very detailed interview in which she talks about her life and with respect to different attributes of show business.

For example, it was the original reaction Miley Cyrus. In an interview with Elle singer he said that categorically opposed to the appearance on the red carpet. According to Miley Cyrus says she does not consider the right to walk down the red carpet at a time when the world there are millions of people who can not afford to buy even food and forced to starve.

Such serious topics discussed Miley Cyrus, it becomes even more interesting when you consider the fact that the girl is only 23 years old. In addition to a successful musical career, she has mastered the profession presenter and one of the members of the jury The Voice.

A detailed interview with her you can read on the pages of the October issue of Elle.