Merkel: will be difficult to maintain the Schengen area

1201201612As we learned from media reports, in his Saturday speech, which meets every week German Chancellor Ms. Merkel, she stated that, if the external EU borders are not protected, it is unlikely to be able to maintain the Schengen area, which currently exists.

Also, she said that, at the moment, is not adequately protected maritime borders, so it does everything possible to, together with Turkey, they were able to solve this problem. She also noted that the main thing now is to finance the capital of Turkey, to enable them to accept refugees and give them an education, and for this it is necessary that the European Union has allocated about three billion euros. All countries that are members of the European Union, in full agreement with the statement of the Chancellor of Germany, and believe that if the EU’s external borders will not be protected, there is a question of will continue to exist Schengen area, because it will be under threat.

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