Media once again talking about the divorce Pitt and Jolie

Media once again talking about the divorce Pitt and JolieA couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is one of the strongest and most reliable unions in Hollywood.

However, the media are constantly trying to separate them, coming up with more and more occasions, as well as the evidence and the facts. However, all the rumors that were previously dealt with the possibility of divorce stellar family, fails miserably and is not justified. Therefore, quite skeptical can be attributed to the next round in the story.

Recently, various media talking about the fact that Brad and Angelina still decided to finally divorce. Fuel to the fire poured and Pitt’s last interview in which he talked about the fact that his family was not all plain sailing and there are some problems. However, rumors have become so severe that some publications have even stated that they have documentary proof of divorce proceedings acting family. It is also noted that allegedly took the decision to divorce Angelina because of the scandal, which turned out to be the reason for incrimination husband of infidelity.