Matthew Perry will not be able to appear in the new “Friends”

16-01-1NBC Channel announced the release of a two-hour episode of “Friends” January 21, 2016.

Unfortunately, most likely in this movie will not be able to take part in the filming of the series is one of the main characters – Matthew Perry.

According to the agent of the actor Lisa Kasteler, Matthew is now very busy with work in the theater. In particular, today it is one of the participants in the staging of “The End of a long wait,” which will soon be presented in its premiere. In addition the agent said that the TV station has been notified in advance that the Matthew Perry will not be able to take part in the sequel to “Friends.”

Recall that under the new two-hour movie, in which all the “Friends” will come together again, it is planned to involve all the actors who starred in the TV series. The basic idea of ??creating a new series appeared in honor to pay tribute to TV producer James Burrows, who was one of the authors of this series.