Masha Malinovskaya told about the secret to their harmony

0312151In his 34 years well-known Russian socialite Masha Malinovskaya looks simply stunning.

Her slender figure and spectacular crazy millions of men and women are constantly asking fans through social networks like Masha able to achieve many significant results. And, recently, in an interview, she admitted that she has not made any serious effort to stay slim. According to her, the main secret of a good figure are two components: a daily fitness and good quality and regular sex.

In addition, Mary invites all its fans to ensure that they limit themselves to the food. “Miracles do not happen. If you eat a lot and do not exercise, your figure will never be perfect. We need to eat less, “- said the Russian woman. Speaking about his diet, Mary stressed that she eats not only the greens and vegetables, but also protein and dairy products.