Male Penis and His Size

In 95% of cases, men are interested in the size of their own sex organ and compare it with others.

This is not just a theory, but a reality, proven by statistical research.

Despite the fact that a large penis seems to be important for a woman, in fact this issue is most often of interest to men.

They constantly read the forms on how to increase the size of the penis and about 70% of cases are dissatisfied with their parameters. Sexologists argue that a man’s obsession with the size of his penis can negatively affect his sex life. Many women do not even think about it, because for them, the tenderness and affection of men in bed is more valuable. If we talk about the penis, most women admit that they are much more important than a strong and stable erection, rather than the size of the penis in men.

But nevertheless, the excitement on this background does not abate, and therefore a large number of different devices, creams, gels and tablets annually appear on the market for sex products, which promise to make your penis giant. Some of them create only the Placebo effect, but sometimes you can really get a good effect.

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